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Article by: Hasnuddin Abu Samah

To inspiring photographers...

I notice that many photographers now realize that they actually put a not so profitable price for their service. But they also afraid to put the price they wanted to, because the risk of losing the job to other cheaper photographers. OK, now we know the problem. What are the solutions?

First, let makes things clear. Photographers who don’t want to expand and improve their standard can stay with their low price. OK, there is nothing we can do about it. It’s their choice. For photographers who want to improve their standard, and charge the way they wish, maybe I can give some help here.

So, why you need to charge higher? It’s not just for the sake of money actually. When we charge higher, we have enough profit. With profit, we can upgrade our equipment and our SERVICE. Imagine, if you get paid RM 100 to do a job compared to if you get paid RM 1,000 to do the same job. Definitely you will do the RM 1,000 job better. In that sense, you will produce a better quality of work. Your client will get a better value for their money and this industry will grow another step further. That is why.

Here is the truth

It is true, when you start to increase your price, you will lose some job. The good news is, it’s only happen for a while. During my freelancing period 10 years ago, I charged RM 100 per roll. But I want to improve. When I decided to increase my price to RM 150 per roll, I lose a lot of jobs ( Well, RM 150 per roll is very expensive at that time! ) A regular client of mine ( Mak Andam at that time ) no longer being my regular income provider. I have to face it. After suffering a few months, I started to establish my new price. But, guess what? I get another new, more rewarding client. I improve more, gain more experience and gain more profit. I increase my price every 1-2 year. And that process keep on going. I increase my price, lose a job for a while, get better client, make profit and increase my price again.....and so on. Now, I can charge RM 2,000 just for my service to shoot a 4 hours wedding in KL. That is not including photo prints, album etc. But, for business purposes, I do offer a cheaper package to my client by sending my staff photographer to cover the event. I personally train them to achieve the required standard. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say that I’m the best photographer nor a successful businessman. There are more much successful photographers out there. It’s just they are too busy to write.

I learnt things the hard way. I thought I can help to make it simpler for others.
So, for those who want to improve their photography career, face it. Take the risk. You will be where you want to be. Good luck!

Hasnuddin Abu Samah,
Director, Adan Photography & Videography.
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