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Majlis Pernikahan Siti Nurhaliza & Datuk Khalid



Here are the rest of the pix! Again, it is not the complete set of picture. The pictures here are only the selected one from my own camera. Please adhere to the picture copyright. Do not copy and use these pictures at any other media for whatever purpose without written permission by the copyright owner. Thanks for your cooperation!


Dear friends,

This is my final posting for Siti wedding. Before we end up this popular posting series, I hereby would like to answer some of the most popular questions asked about this assignment. I also include the short interesting story about the job.


In terms of equipment, I am a member of the poor photographer’s club. Here are the equipments used for the assignment at KLCC:

1 unit Nikon D200 DSLR & 2 units Nikon D70 DSLR
2 units Nikon Speedlight SB 800 and 1 unit Nikon Speedlight SB 600
1 unit Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8,
2 units Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6,
1 unit Nikkor 50mm f/1.4
1 unit Nikkor 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5

I used 2 cameras at one time. It saved me time from having to change lenses. Another set of camera as a backup, was attended to by my assistant.

I have to admit, after many years of taking photos, now I really understand the justification of expensive high end equipment. They are made for the photographer to push it to the limit. For this kind of job, we don’t have the space to tolerate with the incapability of our equipments. I don’t even have time to think. I just shoot! Experience really helps as the artistic and technical judgments already become my second nature.

Bustamam Mokhtar

Bustamam is the person who got the job. He is the ‘main contractor’. He subs me part of the job since he knows my expertise in wedding photography. Bustamam is an established photographer specializing in fashion photography. He is one of the best in Malaysia. As Siti’s favourite photographer, he shoots a lot of Siti’s album covers and press ads. Bustmam’s work can be seen illustrating the cover of many top local magazines. He had worked with Utusan Malaysia and before that with an advertising photo studio and travel books publisher respectively. After graduating from ITM in photography course, he furthered his study to Japan focusing on fashion photography. He owns 2 photo studios at this moment. His new studio is one of the biggest fashion photography studios in Malaysia.

Ikram Ismail

Ikram is the official photographer hired by Datuk Khalid. Officially, Ikram is not in our team since he got the job from the other party. But, unofficially, we work closely together as a team for the whole job. Ikram worked with Berita Publishing for a long time before he decided to venture in his own photography business recently. Ikram’s very own unique style in photography probably was achieved from its original talent, his graphic design background and his photography studies in the UK. For me, he is one of the best and the most experienced wedding photographer in Malaysia.

Siti Nurhaliza Photographers Team ( KLCC )

Bustamam ( White Studio ) – Photography Director
Hasnuddin ( Adan ) – Main Photographer ( wedding approach )
Fatah ( Press ) – Photographer ( press approach )
Aswad ( Press ) – Photographer ( press approach )
Ida ( Adan ) – Job coordinator
Fendi ( White Studio ) – Chief Assistant Photographer
Abe ( Adan ) – Assistant Photographer
Zahir ( Adan ) – Assistant Photographer

Datuk Khalid Photographers Team ( KLCC )

Ikram ( Ikram Ismail Photography ) – Main Photographer
Razali (Editorial photographer ) - Photographer
Jasmin ( Editorial photographer ) - Photographer
Shidee ( Ikram Ismail Photography ) – Assistant Photographer

For Both Team At KLCC Assignment:

Total camera used: 13 DSLR cameras
Total lens used: 26 lenses ranging from 17mm – 300 mm
Total flash used: 13
Total images recorded: estimated 10,000 images

Why So Many Photographers?

My simple answer:

1) The event was so big with so many subjects to cover
2) The place ( Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre ) is really huge
3) To have multiple choices of good angles
4) 2 teams of photographers needed to cover 2 different kinds of subject interest according to our client instructions
5) Still, after the job we think we should have more photographers than we already have.

The Challenges

1- Even though we are the official photographers and have an ‘ALL ACCESS’ pass with ‘OFFICIAL’ vest, we still faced access problem. This is because of so many teams of security and bodyguard involved in that event. That means, it is really hard for us sometimes to get the best angle. I missed a few shots just because I spent it arguing with the security person.
2- To compete with other press photographers to get the best angle. But the most annoying is the other ‘photographer’ with compact cameras and phone cameras!
3- The ever-changing lighting condition ( TV3 video lights, ballroom follow spot, stage lighting and flash light must be calculated and exposed correctly )
4- Equipment tested to the limit (The need to use the fastest motor drive, fast auto focus and fast flash recycling.)
5- Technical skill & creativity must be at fingertips
6- Long working hours and hectic job schedule. For KLCC job, we are so busy shooting that we only have time for dinner at 3 am!
7- Pressure to get the best shot. It’s not only the client expecting the best, but our picture will also be used by newspaper and magazines. The best images are expected by thousands of Siti’s fan.

Kuala Lipis Story

For the first time in history, all hotels in Kuala Lipis are fully booked for Siti’s wedding!
All 6 official photographers have to share one room. We have no complaint about it. We are enjoying it! It reminds me like the old time at college - stay up late in one room preparing for tomorrow’s dateline. But this time, we are working together for a paid professional job.

I heard a bomoh hujan was hired to ensure that it won’t be raining during the occasion. It can be seen, as in the evening, the surrounding areas were showered by heavy rain except at the wedding venue. Everything went fine that night. Until after Siti and Datuk K cut the wedding cake, then only the bomoh hujan cannot hold the rain anymore… It rained cats and dogs! In the chaos, I can’t find my rain coat which is in my camera bag which is with my assistant which is taking cover somewhere. The walkie talkie is not working. Luckily, Bustamam become the hero, shooting in the rain with a plastic bag covering his Nikon D2Xs camera. But, the photographer himself is very wet and very unhappy!

Nikah Story

We started the shoot at Siti’s house at 8.30 am, covering the preparation of the bride. We left Siti’s house in a convoy escorted by a police patrol car. Upon arriving at the mosque, I was shocked by an army of press photographers. There were about 50 other photographers and videographers at the mosque. Their number was expected, but the fierce struggling was beyond my thought. We finished that assignment at 3.00 pm. Bustamam the tauke besar brought us to a fine Minang Restaurant for a very delicious nasi padang.

How much is the Pay?

This is the most popular question and the hardest one. Let’s put it this way. We are happy with the pay, the client is also happy with it.

After the job

After the shoot the team and I were very busy transferring the huge amount of photos, file backup, cataloging and archiving. Also selecting the photos requested by magazine, individuals asking for their photos and of course selecting the photo for my fotopages. On top of that I also have to select and edit photos for magazine and newspaper interview. And there are more to come…

Many of our photos appeared in local newspaper and magazine. Sadly, there is no byline. I even can see our photos in majalah haram. I found at least 2 majalah haram which don’t have KDN license or even address of the publisher. And of course, the use of our pix is also in an illegal way. I also heard from my friend that he once saw a hawker at pasar malam sell siti wedding photos printed on photo paper!


I am honored to have the chance to work with other Malaysia’s top photographers such as Bustamam, Ikram, Fatah and Aswad. This is really once in a lifetime experience for me.

I hope, I already answered all the question asked, tell you a story that is interesting for me to share with you guys and showed the entire best picture possible. No more Siti wedding picture after this. I have a lot of delayed posting of other story in the queue!

Thanks for all for making my fotopages once at the 2nd most popular fotopages worldwide. Thanks for viewing my fotopages and keep on visiting!

Yours truly<

Hasnuddin Abu Samah,
Managing Director / Principal Photographer,
Adan Impresif

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